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SCANAccommodation for Students
MoonprojectIda Pod Photo Booths
Female FirstHiup

Julia has created copy for Hiup, Accommodation for Students, Female First, GKBC Writing Academy and Moon Project. She has also designed and edited a corporate flyer for Ida Pod Photo Booths.

Darcy Ida, Ida Pod Photos Booths Ltd:

The company headhunted Julia from a selected few to help assist with an important corporate e-document for our potential corporate clients. We found working with her and having her on board the project a pleasure. Julia was prompt in responses and actioned new notes; she was efficient and showed a great skillset.

A good work ethic is something we always look for. We were putting together a detailed vision of where we wanted to go. Not only did she do what was asked but she also assisted with problem solving and suggestions from her own experienced knowledge, creating a strong, concise final document that we now send out in a professional capacity.

She is more than capable to work on a project as a team but also unaided and we were very satisfied with the final product. We have and will recommend her to others in the future and we will be sure to use her again when the opportunity arises.

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