Ruby’s Red Roller Skates (won Creative Writing Ink Prompts competition, January 2016)

Revenge of the Tooth (shortlisted for Fresher Writing Prize 2016)

The City of Belham (published at The Fiction Pool, May 2017)

Water Like Glass (published at Fictive Dream, July 2017)

Buried Diary (published at STORGY Magazine, September 2017)

Another Plane Came Down (published at Crack The Spine, September 2017)

Migration (published at Platform for Prose, January 2018)

Squirrel (published at Riggwelter Press #10, June 2018)

The Petrol Station Attendant (shortlisted for Writers’ Bureau Short Story Competition 2018)

After Me (published at Foxglove Journal, July 2018)

The Broken Cradle (published at The Same, July 2018)

The Piano (runner-up in Grindstone Literary’s Short Story 1500 contest, February 2019)

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